My Affiliations:

Researcher in Medical Informatics
Multidimensional Data Analysis & Knowledge Management Laboratory
Computer Engineering and Informatics Department
School of Engineering, University of Patras

Assosiate Researcher in Med Chem & Pharmacogenetics
Lab of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Genetics and Structural Bioinformatics Team
Division of Clinical, Experimental Surgery, & Translational Research
Biomedical Research Foundation of the ACADEMY OF ATHENS

Adjunct Investigator in Bioinformatics
Bioinformatics Group
Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences, Department of Informatics
King's College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS, UK

Private Practice
Weight Management, Obesity and Cancer Genetics
Medicinal Chemistry - Biochemistry - Microbiology

Scientific Publishing
Editor-in-chief - Journal of Molecular Biochemistry
Editor of Genetics - International Journal of Ophthalmic Surgery and Genetics
Freelance Publisher - Owner and Founder of LoremIpsumPress ltd

Major Professional Memberships:

Member of the Royal Society of Biology - MRSB(UK), MRSC(UK)
Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry - MRSC(UK)
Member of the British Geriatric Society - MBGS (UK)
Fellow of the Genetics Society - FGS(UK)