WELCOME! Viral Genetics Team

I am an assistant professor at the genetics lab at the biotechnology department of the Agricultural University of Athens. I lead the viral genetics lab and my main scientific interests include the investigation of genetic polymorfisms, genetic variability in viral species, the in silico drug design of novel antiviral and anticancer agents, molecular modelling, algorithm design and state of the art bioinformatics.
I graduated from the university of Bedfordshire, London with a honor’s degree in Biology and Biochemistry. Soon after that I moved to Wales, where I received my Master’s degree in Molecular Modelling and Quantum Chemistry at the Chemistry School, Cardiff University, after having secured a full EPSRC scholarship. At this stage, I was awarded a three year full time PhD studentship from the Pharmacy Department of Cardiff University. As a result, three years later I successfully defended my PhD in Viral Genetics and Antiviral Drug Design, under the supervision of Prof Andrea Brancale. I was blessed with collaborations and co-supervision from Prof Colin Berry in Molecular Biology and Genetics and Prof Chris McGuigan in Medicinal Chemistry.
During my postdoctoral training and later as senior researcher I continued to investigate the genetic elasticity of viral genomes (antigenic drift/shift). To date I am still fascinated by the rate of mutagenesis and amount of genetic rearrangements that viral species and tolerate and still survive. That is the main reason that I chose to focus my research on flaviviridae, which is a super-highly mutagenic and diverse viral family, mainly due to the facts that they are single stranded RNA viruses and completely lack any kind of genomic proofreading machinery. Traditional genetic approaches fail to keep up, as sequence conservation in homologue strains can drop to less than 20% seq id. Our research is fixated on the investigation of alternative approaches to efficiently study viral genetics, mainly by the multimodal fusion of information from genetic, structural and physicochemical analysis. In order to achieve this we use a repertoire of techniques that range from DNA manipulation, SDM, Cloning, Expression and Purification, all the way to Computational Biology, Molecular Modelling and Bioinformatics.
I am also an associate researcher at the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens, a recently appointed adjunct investigator at the Bioinformatics dept. at King’s College London and the Editor in Chief of the Int. Peer-Reviewed Journal of Molecular Biochemistry. To date I have published more than 80 original research articles, 5 monograph ISBN books, 2 international scientific patents, and have been on the receiving end of numerous grants and awards.

Scientific Highlights:

85 Published Articles in peer reviewed international journals
47 Published Articles indexed in PubMed
5 Scientific Monograph Books
2 International Patents
459 Citations