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I am an associate researcher at the computational biology and medicine group at the Biomedical Research Foundation at the Academy of Athens. I am a structural biologist – biochemist (BSc, Honors’ Degree), who holds an MSc, an MPhil and a PhD in the fields of medical informatics & bioinformatics. Currently, my main scientific interests include the in silico drug design of novel antiviral and anticancer agents, molecular modelling, molecular dynamics, QSAR, CoMFA and pharmacophore elucidation studies. To date I have published more than 80 original research articles, 5 monograph ISBN books, 2 scientific patents and have been on the receiving end of numerous grants and awards.

In 2012 we founded the academic publishing company, named LoremIpsumPress ltd. Since then we have been publishing the quarterly scientific journal of Molecular Biochemistry. I am currently serving as the Editor-in-chief for this journal. Our exquisite board of established scientific editors, the team or our expert reviewers and the dedicated rigorous double blind peer review system, guarantee that the scientific quality, magnitude and impact of JMolBiochem is unprecedented in the field of biosciences.

I hate TV, listening to the news, facebook and public transportation. I love reading books about imaginary worlds that coincidentally have so much in common with ours (Dune, Middle Earth, Earthsea). Imagination, rather than scientific manuals, has after all been the primary source of inspiration for my research. You see, current technology is not sufficient and we know so little about the microcosmos that sometimes ones intuition is the best alternative. I enjoy good music, a retro movie in a small cinema, good company and a quiet moment. I couldn't agree more with Bilbo Baggins when he asserted that 'it is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life', totally love what I do for living and live each day hoping that there will be another one...


Quick Scientific Summary:

84 Published Articles in peer reviewed international journals
5 Scientific Monograph Books
2 International Patents
416 Citations